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However, in order to fully eliminate the problem, diet alone is not usually good enough, and some forms of anti-Candida medication are necessary.  There are various anti-fungal drug treatments, for example Nystan and Fungilin.  These are available on prescription, but you need a GP who has experience of using them.  There are also some natural alternatives, for those who wish to avoid drugs, such as Caprylic Acid (available as Mycopryl from Biocare). 

Following a strict anti-Candida diet and taking some anti-fungal medication should resolve any Candida problem.  However, you really do need to find a doctor well experienced in treating the problem, and who has experience prescribing the various drugs available--which can be easier said than done!

If Candida is not a problem for you, then this diet won't have any effect - although the fact that it is a healthy diet may in itself help!

d) Evening Primrose Oil - contains an Essential Fatty Acid called gamma-linolenic acid.  EFA's have an anti-viral effect, and are important for the proper functioning of the immune system, muscles and nerves.  In a trial in Glasgow in 1990 85% of M.E. patients taking part showed some improvement - but they had to take a high dose of 6-8 x 500mg Efamol Marine capsules (80% evening primrose oil/20% fish oil) a day for at least 3 months.  There were no reports of any side-effects.

e) Allergies and Food Intolerance - Many people believe that problems with allergies and food intolerances can form a major part of M.E., as with Candida (in fact some would say that where Candida overgrowth is a problem, this can itself be the cause of many food and chemical intolerances).  It is thought that over-use of antibiotics and slow recovery from viral illnesses (both of which are common in M.E.) can predispose a person to developing various allergies or intolerances - although in M.E. any problem is most likely to be due to an intolerance (which builds up over time) rather than an allergy (which is usually a sudden, violent reaction).   

The foods which most often pose problems for those with M.E. are wheat/gluten and dairy products, as well as caffeine and alcohol.  Any such problems can usually be identified using an elimination diet - with the suspected "culprits" being temporarily removed from the diet for a few days, and then reintroducing them one at a time to see if there is any reaction.  Any "problem" foods can then taken out of the diet.

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